How to access blocked websites in Vietnam

This article suggests workarounds to help you access to Facebook, WordPress, Blogspot…which are blocked in Vietnam.

After I’ve tried to change hosts file, DNS, I can’t still access WordPress/ Blogspot through VNPT connection. I also installed hotspot or ultrasurf software but the speed was too slow and there’re some ads – I hate them. Then I happened to find Geoproxy – a Google Chrome extension. Awesome, it’s simple, easy to use and can work with all Vietnam ISPs and doesn’t affect the connection speed much. You can download it on Chrome Web Store or search it on Google.


After adding it to Google Chrome browser, it’ll appear on the right top corner as a small blue icon


Click the icon and drop down the search bar then choose a country – Asia is recommended.


Once you choose a country, there’s a list of proxies, just pick one to use. If it doesn’t work then you try another country.


When you don’t want to use it just click Do not use proxy.

– If you guys have another good ways, please share them with us.